Body Lift / Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

Patients that pursue these loose skin reduction procedures are often just tired of constantly trying to hide the areas with clothing. These procedures are performed often times when patients have lost a good bit of weight and developed loose skin around their hips, back, thighs, and arms.  Unfortunately, skin reduction surgery is associated with more visible scars than most, but is often worth the trade-off of having loose, flappy arm skin or overhanging skin around the bra line or back.  


Fat Grafting

Fat grafting allows surgeons to perform liposuction from on area of the body and process the fat cells and inject it into another.   It sounds crazy that anyone would want to keep excess fat cells, but actually, they can work very well to add volume to the cheeks and lips for someone who is undergoing a facelift for example.  Since, we lose fat in the cheeks and around our mouth as we age, patients often look to synthetic fillers to add volume to their cheeks, lips, and folds.  Fat cells can be used in place of fillers and the cells that live in the grafted area will survive forever just like any fat cell. 

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