I perform cosmetic procedures in my own fully accredited operating room utilizing board certified anesthesiologists who will remain with you until your departure.  An experienced team of nurses and assistants ensure that the same standard of care exists for each operation. 

The educational process begins with a phone call to my cosmetic coordinator, Lisa to schedule an appointment and to learn more about your procedure before your first appointment.  I operate all day Tuesday, Wednesday  Thursday, and we see patients on Monday and Friday.  We purposely see all of our follow-up appointments in the morning and our cosmetic consults in the afternoon.  This allows our new patients to be welcomed into a much less hectic office where I allow 45 minutes to meet with each patient, educate them on interested procedures, and begin the discussion about recovery time and what this means in associations with family/life and work schedules. 

There is a common misconception that cosmetic surgery is not “real” surgery and patients will walk out of the operating room and resume their normal lives.  If you consider elective outpatient procedures such as a hernia operation, gallbladder, hysterectomy, carpal tunnel release, etc. – these all require a certain amount of initial recovery followed by weeks of minimal activity and then slow integration back into your normal life activities and exercise.  Cosmetic surgery is no different and since no one has time in their busy lives to recover, one must make a committed effort to build this in to the surgical scheduling process.  Most procedures require a week off of work, although computer and desk work can be performed after several days.   An abdominoplasty or mommy make over procedure requires a more extensive recovery, at least 2 weeks off of work. 

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